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Podcast Tutorial: Four Basic Steps

This podcast tutorial is broken down into four steps:

  1. Plan
  2. Produce
  3. Publish
  4. Promote

Let's take a quick look at each section of the podcast tutorial.

Plan Your Podcast

I know you are probably anxious to press record and get your voice on the net. But a little planning will help you stay focused. In the end you will produce a better podcast that will attract and keep more listeners. This will also make your job as a podcaster a lot easier.

In the planning section I will raise a few questions for you to consider and help you make some important decisions about:

We'll also talk about how to outline and plan each episode of your podcast before you record.

Produce Your Podcast

This is where you will open the mic and start talking (or whatever else you plan on doing in your podcast). In this section, I'll go over podcasting gear and podcasting software.

We'll also learn how to record your podcast and create an MP3 file in the Audacity Tutorial.

Publish Your Podcast

Once you've created your first podcast, you need to prepare it for publishing and post it to the internet. This section covers topics such as:

Promote Your Podast

Of course you'll want more listeners for your podcast. You want to become a recognized expert and celebrity on the internet now that you have your own show, right?

In this section we'll talk about how to find listeners for your podcast.

Ready to get started? Let's get to it...

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