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Writing Your Podcast Show Notes

What are Show Notes

Show notes provide an outline of the content in an episode of your podcast. They are usually posted as an entry in your blog. You can see an example of my show notes for GothamCast and The Podcasting Underground.

Show notes should do the following:

Let’s go into more detail on the purpose of your show notes.

Summarize/Outline Each Episode

Your show notes should provide, at a glance, an outline of the contents of an episode. This is not only a matter of convenience for your audience but it also serves to lure visitors to your site into listening to your podcast. I’ll talk more about this in a bit.

If you carefully wrote an outline for your podcast before recording, then producing show notes should be easy. You want to include enough information to pull people in without giving everything away.

You can write a paragraph or two that summarize the episode or you can do it in outline form like I do. I also like to include relevant images in my posts. Images add interest and attract the eye.

Include a Captivating Title

The title of your blog post for a podcast episode is important. You should think of this as a headline for that episode. By reading it, a site visitor should want to listen. I would suggest putting more than just "Episode #1" in the title.

Use Popular Keywords

Keywords are phrases that people commonly search for on the internet. Think about what your potential audience might be searching for on the internet. Use these phrases in your show notes if they pertain to the episode. This will help your site show up in searches for that phrase bringing traffic to your site.

This is one of the most important purposes of your show notes as audio indexing and search is still a new technology and you cannot depend on this to bring in many visitors yet.

For example, I often mention a variety of New York City dining spots and sites in GothamCast. I mention the names of these in my show notes. As a result, my site is getting indexed in the search engines for those phrase.

I’ve started to notice traffic from searches for cafes and other spots that I talk about on the show. In fact, sometimes I show up in a Google search above their official site.

Relevant Links and Resources from Your Show

If you mention web addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other such information it is hard for your listeners to remember this info. They may not be where they can write it down or look at it online right away.

It’s important to include this kind of information in your show notes. This will enhance the listening experience for your audience.

Link to the Podcast File

It’s also a good idea to provide a link to directly download the MP3 for that episode in your show notes.

Example Show Notes

Take a look at some other podcasts to see how they do their show notes. You can take a look at each of my podcast’s show notes:


The Podcasting Underground

Internet Business Mastery


Each time you post a new podcast episode to your blog, you should include show notes in the blog post. Good show notes enhance your show by offering a convenient outline of the contents of each episode. A good title and well-thought out shownotes will bring new visitors to your site and entice people to listen and subscribe to your podcast.

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